Melissa (mels_flippin_lj) wrote,

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tired of life

i knew i wanted more than you could give to me
i know there'll come a day i understand
until then i'll be trying to solve your mystery
and wonder why i couldn't make you stay.

smiling through denial, my specialty
i thought that was a good thing for awhile
you gave me all your secrets, were you testing me?
and how could i do anything but smile?

re-enact your legendary tragedy
and do to me what has been done to you
is that the only point to all this misery?
is there any reason i should cry?

heal, it takes time
and you gave me all you had
i know in time i will believe
that i loved you
did you love me?
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thats a bittersweet poem, but its really good. i like it.
idk if u wanted feedback lol but i gave it to you.

hope your're doin well!!
stay sweet and smile!

(our yearbook looks awesome!)
hey honey buns!
i wish i wrote it,
but its song.
Our yearboook has the cheesiest cover ever.
I haven't seen yours yet.
Talk to you later
oh well its a good song none the less ^_~
hahaha ur covers not bad!...i just dont get why theres yellow it lol
joey had mine for 2 days to write in it you shoulda seen it then!!!! lol

stay sweet lovely

Deleted comment

karen! i miss you too. Are you back from your trip yet? I text you about a week ago to see how you were doing. anyway, i'm in texas right now, i'll be back at the end of this month. i finally got a flippin cell phone, so give me a call sometime!
love you,