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you cunt.

Let me just say this:

This is Melissa's life. And last time I checked, Melissa can do what she wants without having to notify the world (or you). What I do (or don't do) in my life is my business. It is not in any way you or anybody else's place to go around asking my friends questions about things that are private in my life and are absolutely none of your business. I don't owe you anything at all. I am not with you. I am not yours. Accept it. Understand it. Let it go. You talk about lies and dishonesty and hypocrisy. Look in the mirror, my friend. We're all guilty. Stop talking about me. Stop asking about me. Stop thinking about me. It's dead, we're sick of hearing about it.

For all of you who spend your time talking about me or writing about me, I pity you. Get yourself a life of your own and stop worrying about mine. I certainly don't worry, nonetheless give a shit, about the things that are going on in your life.

Good lord. I hate Live Journals. But unfortunately, this entry was necessary.

I'm done now.
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